Monday, August 26, 2013

PA's lieutenant governor weighs in on fracking, plus other fracking links

1.  Some research on environmental effects coming in ...

It will be important to have a number of projects assessing the environmental risks from fracking.  (Less likely that any study finding problems is showing a "false positive".) This is the 2nd study to come out recently that finds little/no evidence of water contamination.  They do find some air pollution issues, however.  It will be important to keep track of future studies to see if increased air pollution is a cause for concern.

2.  PA's lieutenant governor weighs in on Marcellus Shale

He writes:
The impact fee created under the new law has, to date, provided more than $406 millions, most of which goes to local communities across the state, to build roads and bridges, improve public water supplies and enhance emergency services, to name a few benefits.
And electricity rates are now half of what they were in 2008.

He also discusses the economic benefits in terms of jobs gained.  I think he's overstating the number of indirect jobs gained.  The gains are still impressive, but 7 indirect/induced jobs for each drilling job seems very difficult to believe.

3. Poland might start fracking - and it could be a huge player

It concludes:  "One presumes that Polish democracy will prevail in the end. If so, it is a fair bet that Poland will be Continental Europe's fracking power by the early 2020s, with enormous consequences."

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