Friday, August 2, 2013

Assorted Links

1.  Tyler Cowen discusses how a for-profit university is joining NCAA Division 1 sports

An excerpt:
A university using intercollegiate athletics to drive up its stock value — that’s not what we’re about,” Arizona State president Michael Crow said in a phone interview over the weekend. “ - See more at:

Given how big of a business NCAA football is for Division 1 schools, I find it a bit self-serving for that college president to criticize the entry of the for-profit school.

2.  John Lott has a great post on risks of guns killing people younger than 20, and how it happens.  

3. More leftist drivel stating how there is a $45 billion economic impact from National Parks.

As I've covered before, the impact to local economies can be significant, but the economic impact to the US economy from National Parks is approximately zero.

4. My former colleague David Kendall has a blog.  Here is a great post about how poor of a return on investment we get from Social Security. 

An excerpt:
Social Security is far worse than a Ponzi scheme.  At least with a Ponzi scheme, like the one Bernie Madoff ran for several years, some of the investors get good returns on their money.  Social Security is an equal opportunity rip off; no one gets a good return on investment.

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