Saturday, August 3, 2013

Assorted Links

1.  Jayson Lusk discusses the misconception that some items are "overpriced" in the grocery store.  

It's worth reading.  Here's an excerpt:
The story equates “overpriced” with the “percent markup”, which is pretty shaky.  There are a lot of good reasons why the percent mark-up may vary across products that has little to do with being “overpriced”.  For example, differences in demand for convenience and other characteristics, differences in costs of packaging, storage, transportation, etc. will cause differences in the percent markup.  

2. The town in Florida where most of the population are sex offenders. (H/T Marginal Revolution)

I just found this fascinating.  It does make a lot of sense that these towns will emerge.  Also, the designation of sex-offender has a lot less importance when its applied so liberally.  I do not view a 19-year old in the story who had a 14-year old girlfriend the same as a violent rapist.  Yet, both get the same designation.

3. A reporter gets three free Obamaphones.  

Once again, never let anybody tell you there isn't wasteful government spending.  There is plenty to cut.

4.  He quit his leadership role at the NAACP because they're only out for liberals.

An excerpt:
The end of my lifetime membership of the NAACP began the minute I dared to speak out. I was ostracized and punished for declaring that my rights come from God, not the government and that I believed the NAACP stood for the "advancement of colored people," not the "advancement of colored progressives."

Well written, but it has been apparent that, despite the fact that their name claims they'd try to "advance" lives, the NAACP promotes a left-wing agenda and has done far more harm than good.

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