Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reading list for Political Economic Thought

I am on sabbatical this fall, but reading plenty of books to prepare for a new course I am teaching in the spring - Political Economic Thought. In this class we will be reading books from economists and others writing about the economy. The writers have perspectives that vary from liberal to conservative.

Here is the tentative reading list:

Marx - The Communist Manifesto
Krugman - The Return of Depression Economics
Stiglitz - Freefall
Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi - Mismeasuring our Lives: Why GDP doesn't measure up.
Thaler and Sunstein - Nudge
Sowell - The Quest for Cosmic Justice
Friedman - Capitalism and Freidman
Sowell - The Housing Boom and Bust
Miron - Libertarianism from A to Z

This could change slightly as we approach January.

As we progress through the course - I will be posting some discussion questions/topics for each book, along with some thoughts on each book.