Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dick Yuengling ... he's awesome

Interesting story here from PA Independent

Mr. Yuengling is the CEO of my favorite domestic beer company.  The interview shows his intelligence isn't just confined to beer brewing.

Some excerpts below.  The first on how PA should abolish the PLCB:

“I don’t support the government being in business. I think they should be private enterprise,” said Yuengling when asked about his thoughts on the state’s alcohol laws. “Everybody has their thumb in the pie for their own good, us included. We’re trying to protect the beer distributors and make sure they’re not harmed by this thing.”

And ...

Yuengling said he would like to see lawmakers in Harrisburg approve a measure to make Pennsylvania a “right-to-work state,” because he believes it would help bring jobs to Pennsylvania. Right-to-work states do not require compulsory membership in a union for people working in certain professions.

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