Thursday, August 15, 2013

Assorted Links

1.  Great quotes by Thomas Sowell.  (A year old, but first time I've seen it, so ...)

Here's #20:

20) "The poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits ever since 1994. You would never learn that from most of the media. Similarly you look at those blacks that have gone on to college or finished college, the incarceration rate is some tiny fraction of what it is among those blacks who have dropped out of high school. So it’s not being black; it’s a way of life. Unfortunately, the way of life is being celebrated not only in rap music, but among the intelligentsia, is a way of life that leads to a lot of very big problems for most people."

2. A great, moving, and ultimately very sad article by Walter Williams.  He asks: have the sacrifices of the civil rights heroes been in vain?  

3.  This is a good review of the politics behind "Common Core". 

4. JPMorgan investigated ...

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