Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two stories of federal government overreach

1. Seventy federal agencies have armed forces.  

Seventy!  This story also describes an armed raid in Alaska - a case that sounds like government terrorism.  There are plenty of other stories out there where these armed bureaucrats have misused their power.  If you need the police - call the police.  But the EPA and these other agencies shouldn't have an armed force.

When we need cuts to help get our budget into balance - this seems like a good spot.  By cutting these positions, we would both save money and increase our freedom.

2.  Regulations for blind and deaf patrons in movie theaters coming

Really?  Is this really what our disability laws should be used for?  To make sure those who are blind or deaf get a better experience at the movie theater?  In pure benefit-cost analysis, this fails miserably.  By how much is this going to improve the well-being of those who are blind or deaf?  It certainly won't be by as much as the increase in costs for a) the changes the theaters have to make that will ultimately be paid mostly by consumers and b) the government bureaucrats who've already collected millions in salaries to write these regulations, and will likely spend billions more enforcing them if enacted.

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