Monday, September 23, 2013

Principles of microeconomics: My online videos

I've been "flipping" my classroom this year.  That means that I've been having my students watch lectures at home, while we've been doing more activities and homework problems during class.  This makes class time more interactive and I think I have more value to the students this way.  There are also other benefits.

First, the students can rewatch the lectures if they want.  That may not sound exciting, but when trying to learn a difficult topic, going through a video multiple times might help.

Second, since the videos are made, I can share them outside the Susquehanna University community, so others who wish to watch the lectures have the opportunity.

I'll be posting various lessons throughout the semester.  For now, here are links to a couple introductory lessons:

Supply and Demand: Part 1 (also below):

Supply and Demand: Part 2 (also below):

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