Friday, September 13, 2013

Links to all my opeds

I've finally put together a page that links to all my opeds. I will provide updates when I published new opeds.  (My current goal is to write about 6-8 opeds per year.)

A permanent link to the list is here.

Here's the current list:

It’s Time for the Federal Government to Legalize Internet Gambling.”  Forbes.  June 25, 2013.

If not for fracking, Mitt Romney would be president.”  The Express (Lockhaven, PA).  June 6, 2013.

Eliminating prevailing wage will make government more efficient.”  The Patriot News (Harrisburg).  April 28, 2013.

Lost jobs from liquor privatization not necessarily bad.”  The Patriot News (Harrisburg).  February 10, 2013.

The NRA’s Armed Guard Proposal Is a Bad Idea.”  US News and World Report.  January 30, 2013.

Right-to-Work Law Could Boost PA.” The Philadelphia Inquirer.  December 27, 2012. Also published in The Patriot News (Harrisburg) on December 23, 2012 under title: “Pass Right-to-Work Law in Pennsylvania.”

Benefits of School Vouchers Outweigh the Negative Aspects.”  The Patriot News (Harrisburg).  February 8, 2011.  Also published in The Daily Item on January 26, 2011 under title: “An Economist’s View of School Choice Funding.”

Exploring Benefits and Costs of Boscov’s Plan.”  The Daily Item.  January 4, 2009.

Should online poker be illegal?”  The Daily Item.  August 5, 2006.

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