Sunday, September 29, 2013

Assorted Links

1. Record number of Americans giving up their citizenship because of new tax law.


This has nothing to do with avoiding taxes. I was never in danger of having to pay taxes in the US since I pay more here. The issue for me was that it was becoming harder and harder to follow the tax code and comply. It was difficult already but when I knew Fatca was coming, I thought, 'Do I want to go through with it anymore?'

Fargo has more 200 ft. commercial buildings than our nation’s capital. This strange outcome is due to the district’s outdated building height restriction. Originally passed for fire safety, the law became antiquated with the invention of sprinkler systems.

3. The case for Obama's joking during the Navy yard shooting being the most tasteless presidential moment  ever.

I'm curious: what other presidential acts might be on the list for most tasteless?

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