Friday, September 20, 2013

Idea from a comment - $5.00 minimum wage during 6-months working

Here's an excerpt of a comment made on this post about the record teenage unemployment rate.

Why not just make a six month exception from the minimum wage for everyone ... I do not mean the first six months your employed at every job you start. I think it might help with the teenage unemployment problem.

The author of the comment mentioned this provisional minimum wage should be $5/hour. I certainly think this would be better than the current situation.  It would give firms the chance to hire those who have no experience at a lower starting wage.  However, I fear that those who are only worth $5/hour to a firm would not suddenly become worth $7.25/hour after six months, but it is better to give that person six months worth of working experience, even if they lose their job after six months.

Alternative recommendations I would like prefer would be to abolish the minimum wage for teenagers, have this lower wage for the less experienced be less than $5/hour, or allow the period of time to last longer than one year.

Of course, the best outcome would be to simply abolish the minimum wage.

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