Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GM foods: What do surveys and experiments tell us about preferences?

What do Consumer Surveys and Experiments Reveal and Conceal about Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Foods?

That's the title of my newest publication, available at GM Crops and Food (link here).  I worked on this paper with Greg Colson (from U of Georgia).

Here's the abstract:
Assessing consumer perceptions and willingness to pay for genetically modified (GM) foods has been one of the most active areas of empirical research in agricultural economics. Researchers over the past 15 years have delivered well over 100 estimates of consumers' willingness to pay for GM foods using surveys and experimental methods. In this review, we explore a number of unresolved issues related to three questions that are critical when considering the sum of the individual contributions that constitute the evidence on consumer preferences for GM foods.

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