Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My thoughts on the IRS scandal

First, a couple links:

2. Jay Leno's "joke".  I don't think the crowd thought he was joking. 

I'm not sure I can add too much to this, but I'll try.  The problem is that government officials can get away with way too much.  This isn't strictly a problem with the left targeting the right, although we'd expect more of that since government workers will tend to be a bit more left-wing.  It's a lack of accountability and too much power.  

The punishment scheme for people who are abusing their political power should be such that if you have government power, and you abuse it, you are punished so severely you go out-of-your-way to make sure you're not abusing your power.  

My recommendation.  Those who abused their power should be tried for treason.  I think you could reasonably define the abuse of a government position to target political enemies as an "extreme act against the nation".  Those who are found guilty should be punished in whatever way we punish traitors.  If you are a government official, you absolutely cannot  abuse your power to affect the political process and/or elections.  If you do that, and are caught, no punishment is too severe.  Without this type of punishment, this will happen again.  

I don't even think this is a left-vs-right type issue.  While this time it's the Obama administration going after the right, we know that the Nixon administration was almost as bad in the past. 

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