Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Assorted Links

1.  Tabarrok on sperm donation shortages in countries with price controls.  This reminds me of the term Tim Sandefur told me: "supply-demand deniers".

2.  State of PA won't allow Obamacare insurance funded abortions.  This seems like common-sense.  Abortion is still controversial, and half the public thinks it should be illegal at least in some instances.  Why would you possibly take money from people who think it is murder to pay for other's abortion procedures.  This is another example of why government shouldn't control industries.  This is from an oped I wrote a few years ago on the benefits of the government reducing their role in schools:

Another benefit of a voucher system is that currently controversial issues no longer become controversial – like whether to allow prayer in school and mandatory school testing. Some families want prayer in school, while others do not. As a voucher system becomes more widespread, this won’t be a concern anymore. If you want your child to pray every day before classes, you can send him or her to a school that implements prayer. If you do not – you can choose that option. 
3. Monsanto executive wins a world food prize.  (Well deserved!)  Seeing how anti-science the left is on GM foods, despite being in the US for 20 years and not a single detrimental health outcome, makes me seriously doubt that the anti-fracking left will ever find sufficient evidence to support fracking.  That's sad.

4.  Vince Flynn, my favorite author, died today.  I feel like I lost a friend.  Also, is it any surprise that a great author would have majored in economics?

Edit - a couple great tributes to Vince Flynn:  One by Rush Limbaugh.  Another by Hugh Hewitt.  His books are amazing - I highly recommend that you read them if you haven't already.

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