Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More on why online gambling (and online poker) should be legal ...

I got an email from someone from the site about an open letter they wrote to Sheldon Adelson.  It challenges much of what he wrote in an oped to Forbes last week.

The letter is long but contains many useful facts, and can be read in its entirety here.

An excerpt:

Our industry, specifically online poker, is still relatively young, being about 19 years-old. However, its youth breeds innovation and attracts creative thinkers and visionaries. It contains people who can see the marketplace changing, encouraging them to jump ahead of the pack to predict the next big consumer stampede.
You’ve run over 50 successful businesses, Mr Adelson. You surely remember what it was like to be a visionary? Such as when you ripped down the Sands to make way for the Venetian? Or when you gained a foothold in Macau?
Of course that was because you had freedom. 


  1. Because of technological innovations online casinos should be legalized for it doesn't run over major issues.

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