Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story on "legal" online poker

From USA Today.  Also here.  Quote:

"This is, for Nevada, a new day," said Reno gaming analyst Ken Adams. "There's been a huge amount of speculation on what online gaming means. Estimates in New Jersey run from $20 (million) to $30 million to $2 (billion) to $3 billion. The only way to find out is when it starts. Up to now, we've been talking in theories. Now we'll get a peek at reality."

Two thoughts:

1. Some stories are saying it's the first time for "legal" online poker.  Online poker has never been deemed "illegal".  I'm no lawyer, but that basically means it is legal.  But Nevada is the first state to explicitly try to license/regulate this and official state that it is legal.

2. This is a (rare) issue where Democrats have things figured out better than Republicans.  Republicans are supposed to want economic freedom, but many fail miserably on this issue.

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