Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Commonwealth Foundation posts two letters on liquor privatization

Two nice articles are posted on the Commonwealth Foundation site.  They are doing a great job keeping us in the loop on the latest with the push to privatize the liquor business and publicizing research and letters on this issue.

1.  One beer distributor arguing in favor of privatization.  He says:
It’s not just about the needs of my select business community.  Encouraging distributors to grow their businesses will also benefit all Pennsylvanians.  By allowing customers to purchase beer, wine, and spirits at one location (and likely for a lower price than under the existing state monopoly), many Pennsylvanians will stop illegally crossing the border to purchase alcohol.

2. A Democrat from Washington talks about how privatization has been good for their state.  Their tax revenue increased during this transition.  That's not necessarily a positive, although it is quite feasible that tax revenue could go up while consumers pay less by privatizing.  

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