Monday, May 13, 2013

Offering free haircuts ... but does he have a license?

This is a nice article about a retired barber who offers free haircuts.

One thing many government officials would want to know, however, is did this person have a license?  Those who try to cut hair without a proper license could be arrested.  This is one area where government restrictions prevent two consenting adults form engaging in a transaction they both would find beneficial.  (As Timothy Sandefur says, it impedes a person's "Right to Earn a Living".)

Some states, like Florida, don't require a license if you're providing a free service, but do require a license if you wish to be paid to cut hair.  This is still bad government policy.  If a friend of mine started cutting hair for $5 a haircut without a license, should the government really have the right to claim I can't get a haircut from my friend?  Shouldn't it be my right to take whatever risk is involved by going to an unlicensed hair stylist?

What makes this even worse is in order for the government to prevent consenting adults from engaging in these transactions, the government is spending our tax dollars.

This is another example of the many inefficient government agencies that should be eliminated.

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