Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PLCB privatization foes are getting desperate

Link to Philly Inquirer article here.

An excerpt:

"Social issues were front and center in the Senate Law and Justice Committee, with privatization painted as a harbinger of doom by a parade of testifiers who promised everything from an increase in crime and disease to higher rates of unemployment and prostitution.

And all, they said, because a private retailer would be allowed to sell a bottle of wine instead of a state-run establishment."
You can't make this stuff up.  How stupid do these "testifiers" think we are?  Almost every state in the US has private sales of beer and wine.  Are those states suffering from higher crime rates, more diseases, more prostitution, and more unemployment?  Of course not. 
Hopefully Pennsylvania's politicians aren't dumb enough to believe the hype.  Or, hopefully they've been to any other state in the US (not counting Utah) with less restrictive liquor laws.


  1. I will not hide I am a PLCB employee an a ssistant manager.I do have an interest in the privatization.I do believe that we are about to be privatize a mistake we will live with some regret as PA home owners and tax payers.1st the governors own people have now come down from the oringinal figure of 2 billion over three years to now 800 milion over 3 years. Now where will the 1 billion dollar promised to education from the sale and other groups come from? PSEA saw through this vail promise and do not back privatization. Like I said I believe the governor is going to strong arm this through the senate. People on both sides of this issue need to remember on election day the people who are pushing this issue and vote out this anti union governor who also wishes to privatize PENNDOT, the welfare system,and other government programs,and has not done anything to save jobs in PA, proof GE moving to Texas,and the fact that we are no longer one of the friendliest states to industry to the worst for new industry. Let us remember this next election day. I know I will have plenty on time to see that Tom and his cronies should be ready to answer on election day. So folks we may disagree on should the LCB,PENNDOT,State lottery,and the wealfare system should be privatize or not just look on election day are we the people better off pre Corbetization or now. Remember and do not forget the anti PA governor who will have lots of backing from Walmart,CostCo, Rite Aid, and others that will continue to create low paying jobs without benefits.

  2. I must agree this issue is a done deal.Say .bye to your job and hello to unemployment the jobs are not here in pennsylvania anymore and the governor does not seemed bothered instead he makes statements that most unemployment is due to lazy, drug and alchol addicted persons. So what group are you lazy,addacts, or are you like me a person who saw his job goe acroos the border while our governor made these lame brain comments and did nothing to save these good paying jobs.I will be at the polls with you to assure these guys have to face the unemployment lines too.