Friday, October 11, 2013

Jobs from fracking in PA, and other links

1. The industry reports that shale gas employs over 230 thousand in Pennsylvania.  

While I haven't reviewed this yet (I need too), that sounds too high.  Even if accept Considine et al.'s economic impact estimate (this was an industry funded study with the larger impact), at $100,000/job you have about 140K jobs.  Throw in the extra jobs from the "stimulus" of lower natural gas prices, and you're still not quite to 230 thousand.  I will try to review soon to get a better grasp on this report, however.

2. Great Forbes articles on GM foods

An excerpt:

Genetic modification has been with us for millennia.  Breeders routinely use radiation or chemical mutagens on seeds to scramble a plant’s DNA to generate new traits.  “Wide cross” hybridization has given rise to plants that do not and cannot exist in nature; these plants include the varieties of corn, oats, pumpkin, wheat, tomatoes and potatoes we buy every day.  (Yes, even “heirloom” varieties and the overpriced organic stuff at Whole Foods.)  On average, every day we consume dozens of servings of these varieties of fruits, vegetables, and grains derived from wide crosses.

3.  More on Obamacare finances (via Greg Mankiw).

4.  IRS agent targets conservative?

If an IRS agent abuses his/her power to target specific individuals for political purposes, I think that agent should be tried for treason as they are "betraying one's country".

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