Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fracking in the EU and other links

1.  Two stories on fracking in the EU.  Here and here.

I worry that unethical bureaucrats may misuse their authority and stall permission to drill when there aren't legitimate reasons for stalling.

2.  Murderers are accidentally released.

Stories like these need to be remembered when somebody argues against the death penalty.  Sometimes murderers do get out.  That wouldn't happen if their executed, obviously.

3.  The Heritage Foundation explores the care where fewer Americans may have health insurance because of Obamacare.

4.  Another great Thomas Sowell article.

Some people try to explain why Asians, and Asian-Americans, succeed so well in education and in the economy by some special characteristics that they have. That may be true, but their success may also be due to what they do not have -- namely "leaders" who tell them that the deck is so stacked against them that they cannot rise, or at least not without depending on "leaders."

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