Thursday, October 24, 2013

Former environmental chief supports fracking and other fracking links

In September, the leading economist and climate change expert Lord Stern described claims that fracking would lower UK energy bills, as it has done in the US, as “baseless economics”.
My first thought is: How can anybody who says an increase in supply won't decrease prices be called a leading economist?

2. This book already has 43 reviews.  I guess if you want to make money, becoming an anti-fracking activist is an option.

I haven't read it.  If I got a free copy I might review it, but I hesitate to spend my own money on a book published by the "Post Carbon Institute".

3.  Former Department of Environmental Protection (for Pennsylvania) says fracking has helped the environment.

“Despite these shrill cries from movie stars, chefs and whoever else, the sky has not fallen.” (6:14)
The sky has not fallen, but the air we breathe has gotten better.  What we are seeing in major cities from Pittsburgh to New York City is that, because of natural gas, air quality has improved significantly.  

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