Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quick thoughts on Vienna

What I liked:

 * Hofburg Palace

I got the ticket for the apartments and the Sisi museum, studying Elizabeth, the wife of the Franz Joseph. Very interesting how they tried to make her a celebrity after her assassination.  Seems to be some parallels to Princess Di.

* State Opera House

I am not a huge opera person, but got a standing room ticket for €3!  I only stayed for 30 minutes , but well worth it!

* The Karntner Strasse (main shopping street)

     * Also, all of these are within a few blocks!

* Good food at food stands!  I had a great brat and some great Greek food.  (Don't even know the name - it was in a tortilla with meat, a white sauce, and veggies.) 

What I didn't like:

* Smoking in bars/restaurants
In Pennsylvania and London - cannot smoke indoors at restaurants. 

* Tax rates in Austria. This is brutal.  This doesn't even count the social security taxes. 

up to €10,999
€11,000 – €25,000
€25,001 – €60,000
Over €60,000

About the conference:

An outstanding conference!  I made two presentations, saw several good presentations, and also met lots of great people.  They have another conference in Philadelphia in October.  I wasn't planning on attending, but this conference was so good I think I may submit a paper.  

I arrived in Munich today (Saturday) ... I meet with colleagues tomorrow night and make another presentation on Monday.  Fun times!

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