Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Assorted Links

1. A story on Maryland's new "Rain Tax".  What I find fascinating is that Maryland wants to punish those who don't have lawns that absorb the rain, while Las Vegas has, for years, tried to reduce the number of lawns (to save water).

2. Bill Barnwell is my favorite sports writer.  He takes an analytical approach to sports decision-making, and his columns are almost always informative.  I really like this article where he discusses the difficulty in making predictions about potential NFL draft picks.  If you read and like this, I would recommend Nate Silver's book.

3.  I've stayed away from the Boston terrorism coverage, as much as possible. (I don't like terrorists influencing my life, if I can help it.  The less we focus on it, the less the terrorists "win")  If this news story is true, however, and the terrorists were getting taxpayer money in the form of welfare that may have subsidized their terror activities, that would add another layer of disgust to the situation.

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