Friday, April 12, 2013

Quick thoughts on Munich

Last weekend, I had about 27 hours to explore Munich before heading to Friesing (a northern suburb) to meet with my colleague from TUM and present a paper.

What I liked about by brief time in Munich:

The local pub (click here for link):

It was great.  I sat right at the corner of the bar and enjoyed a beer and a meal.  The bartender was very nice and spoke perfect English.  (As someone who speaks English and only knows a bit of Spanish, I am always awed by those who are perfectly bilingual.)  He recommended a very tasty beer and an authentic Bavarian meal.  It was a type of brat/sausage that you had to cut "gently" and peel the skin off prior to eating.    Yum!

OK, to say I "liked" this is the wrong term.  It's done very well, however.  It is pretty haunting to be in the exact spot where so  many were tortured and died.  

I planned my Sunday figuring I would visit Dachau in the morning.  I knew that would be pretty depressing/heavy, so I intentionally put something fun in the afternoon.  The "2nd-tier" soccer team in Munich, 1860 Munich, played at Allienz stadium (the big stadium in Munich that hosts the world cup).  I got great seats from a scalper for a reasonable price (much less than list price).  

Here is the view from my seat.  (Note - my camera doesn't zoom):

The fans on both sides did all sorts of fun chants (one was Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" in German) - and I loved the theme song:

That was a fun 27 hours!  From there I was off to Friesing to meet my colleagues and present a paper!  An update on that will be coming soon.

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