Saturday, June 28, 2014

Assorted Links

1. An analysis of what the Hobby Lobby ruling will mean.

This ruling is important.  I don't object at all to using contraceptives.  Honestly, I think those who have these objections based on religious beliefs are wrong.  But I think it is their right to have those beliefs, and it will be dangerous if religious freedoms are trampled here.  As a general rule, the marketplace should decide what's offered, not the government.  This is especially true when dealing with religious beliefs.

2. Australia offers asylum seekers $10,000 to leave.

The Abbott government is offering asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru detention centres up to $10,000 to abandon their hope of resettlement in Australia and voluntarily return to the country they fled from.
The revelation comes as the High Court on Friday issued a stunning rebuke to the Abbott government's border protection policy, striking down its decision to to refuse to issue permanent protection visas to boat arrivals found to be refugees.

This can't end well, right?  I read this and then imagine what would happen if the US offered $10,000 to illegal immigrants to leave. Yikes.

3. Jayson Lusk summarizes new research on the issue of local food vs. environmental quality.

Note: Jayson will be giving a talk at Susquehanna University on Wednesday, October 22nd.  More information coming soon.

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