Monday, November 4, 2013

Political Trivia - my new ebook

I just published an ebook on amazon titled Political Trivia.  (Click on picture to go to the amazon page.)

The amazon excerpt:

Political Trivia is designed to emulate pub-trivia events, except all questions are on political topics. You’ll be given ten questions at one time to answer. Simply flip to the next page to find the answers. 

This book has 65 rounds of trivia in several categories: 
• General interest 
• He said what? Did the politician really say this, or is this a made-up quote? 
• Know your constitutional amendment 
• Congressman or a prescription drug? 
• Know your vice president 
• Politics in pop culture 
• Oops! Which politician screwed up? 
• And more! 

Currently it is only available on Amazon, but soon it will be available for Nook and in other formats.

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