Friday, November 1, 2013

Assorted Links

A ballot measure asking voters to approve a nearly $1 billion-a-year state income tax increase to fund education could have a neutral economic impact, a study by Colorado State University’s economics department found.
I note this as its rare to find these.  Usually a party that pays for the study finds an impact in their favor.

2.  Article on benefits of shale gas drilling.

There's not much here that's new to me, except I found this tidbit interesting:
She said overall gas production from the Marcellus Shale alone has reached about 12 billion cubic feet per day. 
“If the Marcellus region were a country, its natural gas production would rank third in the world, just after Russia and the whole of the U.S. put together,”

3.  Greg Mankiw asks "who knew what and when".

He comes up with three options for what could have happened:
1. The White House staff did not know the statement was false.  That is, they did not understand the law the administration was promoting.
2. The White House staff knew the statement was false, but they decided to keep this fact from the President.  That is, they let the President unwittingly lie to the American people.
3. The White House staff knew the statement was false and told the President so, but the President decided to keep saying it anyway.  That is, the President consciously decided to lie to the American people. 
I agree, and this isn't good.

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