Thursday, November 14, 2013

Claiming Obamacare is "Affordable" doesn't make it so

The left, faced with the unmitigated disaster which is Obamacare, is attempting to deflect criticism in any way possible.

One way the left is deflecting criticism is by criticizing the those who use the word Obamacare instead of calling it the "Affordable Care Act". 

Politics is a messaging and optics game. On the subject of an overhaul for a flawed health- care system, the law should never have been about him. It should be about providing affordable and accessible health care to Americans. Period. The polling on "Obamacare" speaks for itself. On the eve of the ACA rollout, a CNBC poll discovered that "30 percent of the public [didn't] know what ACA [was] versus only 12 percent [for] Obamacare." Compounding that was the 46 percent who opposed "Obamacare," versus the 37 percent who opposed the ACA.

While I applaud the left for looking at creative ways to hide Obamacare's failure, simply calling it "affordable" doesn't mean it makes health care affordable or better.  Similarly, calling a program rent control does not mean it will help rent prices (look at New York City) and calling a very high minimum wage a "living wage" doesn't mean people with low skills will be employed to enjoy this wage.

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