Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two stories on gun control ...

The President, true to his administration's mantra, isn't going to let a crisis go to waste.  It appears he wants to exploit this tragedy for political gain.  I just wish he showed this type of rush in fixing the fiscal cliff issue in August or September.  (Or even now!)  

Related to this topic, here is one great article and one great blog post about guns, gun control, and gun-free zones:

Thomas Sowell writes yet another great article.   Here's a quote:
"The few counter-examples offered by gun control zealots do not stand up under scrutiny. Perhaps their strongest talking point is that Britain has stronger gun control laws than the United States and lower murder rates.

But, if you look back through history, you will find that Britain has had a lower murder rate than the United States for more than two centuries-- and, for most of that time, the British had no more stringent gun control laws than the United States. Indeed, neither country had stringent gun control for most of that time."

John R. Lott has had some good blog posts the past few days.  Here is one of them.  He makes a point I didn't know:
"And I'll give you a simple example from this year. I mean any of the ones you point to from this year or past years are going to follow that, but look at the Colorado shooting that the governor is going to be coming on to talk about. You had seven movie theaters showing the Batman movie within a 20-minute drive of the killer's apartment.

Only one of those seven movie theaters posted a ban on concealed handguns. The killer didn't go to the movie theater that was closest to his home. There was one that was only 1.3 miles away. He didn't go to the largest one. In fact, one advertises itself quite openly as having the largest auditorium in the state of Colorado.

And you'd think if you wanted to go to one that would kill a lot of people, he'd go to the largest one on premiere night for the Batman movie. Instead, the one he went to was the only one that banned concealed handguns. And that happens time after time."

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