Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More police presence in LA schools ...

Story here.  A quote:

""Somebody in a uniform is going to stop by everyday at these schools," Beck said in an interview.
The chief stressed that he and his aides were still drawing up the details of the plan, which he said will begin when students return from winter break next monthAny private or charter school that wants to be included will be, he added."

I had family in town on Friday, and didn't watch much of the coverage of the day's events.  I was horrified, naturally, but thankful I wasn't at home alone where I likely would have watched the TV coverage.  Reading the story off the Internet was terrible enough.

One problem after events like 9/11 or other major tragedies is the potential for rash decisions that aren't efficient.  One could debate several effects of 9/11, including the expanded TSA, and make a good argument that it is not wise.  (The TSA certainly costs far more per life saved than what's optimal.)

If police officers are going to schools that's less time they are devoting to other activities.  Given that schools are generally quite safe, this seems like a bad decision.

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