Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warren Buffett Links

Warren Buffett is in the news again.  I used to hold him in high regard, but not anymore.  He's a master at avoiding taxes while advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy.  Further, he doesn't seem to advocate closing the loopholes he exploits.

Here is Buffett discussing his thoughts on new taxes.

Here is the Weekly Standard exposing his hypocrisy.

Greg Mankiw discusses.

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  1. What about the recent comment Warren Buffett gave regarding Jamie Diamond that he should be made secretary of the treasury. That one was really out of left field. One other thing about Warren Bufett is this his holding company Berkshire Hathaway has had a great long term record of performance. But few investors are aware that the company that the holding company is named after was a textile company that Warren Buffett bought as an investment he tried to turn the company around but was unsuccessful so he sold the company and berkshire hathaway Warren Buffetts holding company was eventually named after that company. I guess the company later acquired the rights to the name than named the holding company after the old textile company berkshire hathaway. Now I would not want to take anything away from Warren Buffett he is really a great value investor. But once again many investors are totally unaware that most of the investing methods that Warren Buffett follows are not even his own much of what Warren Buffett knowns about value investing he learned from the late benjamin graham the father of value investing.