Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update on Economic Impact Review

My new website, Economic Impact Review, is going well.  It now has many reviews of Marcellus Shale studies along with a few reviews of National Parks/State Parks posted.  We have started reviewing several more studies that should be posted in the next few weeks.

In addition to posting reviews of economic impact studies on Marcellus Shale, National Parks, and State Parks, we have posted other economic impact studies that we haven’t (yet) reviewed on these topics.  Hopefully, however, by having them posted we provide easy access to these EI studies for researchers, journalists, etc. 

Economic Impact of Colleges/Universities
We recently updated the site with a page that has links to economic impact studies on colleges and universities.  (Link here.)  When I have conducted economic impact studies on universities, I found it tedious to find publicly available studies, so hopefully this page is useful for those conducting an economic impact study on a college and university.  We are starting with colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with other states coming soon.  

There are no immediate plans to review economic impact studies conducted for colleges/universities.

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