Monday, February 10, 2014

Subway faux-controversy, and disturbing facts about "food babe"

Subway is removing a "chemical" from bread

Of all the thing people worry about - Subway's ingredients should be about 27,228 on the list.  Subway has a lot to lose if their food were to cause problems, and I'm quite confident their food is safe.  That's why I eat it and allow my kids to eat it.

Here's a post by Colby Vorland, with some facts about this "food babe".   He creates a list of why nobody should place any faith in this person.

-Thinks microwaves are a risk because of radiation, destroying nutrients, and changing the structure of water (seriously)
-Says artificial sweeteners cause cancer, obesity; links to Mercola who is the internet's worst health source
-Thinks GMOs cause obesity (same link above)
These are just three points - many of the others are actually worse.

This whole ordeal is sad.  The fact that people listen to a person like this is a sad commentary on our education system and our society.  Of course, some unintelligent people who are listening actually pose as leaders. 

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