Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seattle teenager fired from job for wearing Broncos' jersey

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KING5 reports 17-year-old Nathaniel Wentz claims his employer, Odyssey 1 family entertainment center, told its workers they could wear football jerseys to support their team in the NFL playoffs Sunday. 
Wentz, a diehard Broncos fan and a high school quarterback, tells the station he wore a Denver jersey to support his squad in its matchup against the New England Patriots. However, Wentz says his boss told him only Seahawks jerseys were allowed and he must go home and change.
Later, he was fired for this transgression.

My thoughts on when it's OK for a boss to fire somebody in a manner like this:

1. The customers may have been Seahawks fans, and by wearing this jersey he decreased the customers' happiness.

2. The boss (probably correctly) views that any person living in Seattle that wears an opposing team's jersey (in the playoffs) to work lacks common sense and shouldn't be retained.  (That said, as a teenager, I did things far worse than this.  I likely still do today.  :) )

3. He irritated the boss, so the boss fired him.  The worker has the right to leave a firm at anytime, and the firm has the right to fire the worker at anytime.  The boss may suffer in the marketplace if he/she fires good workers without cause, and the market will take care of issues like this..

P.S. I don't have a team in the Super Bowl, but I'm probably cheering for the Broncos because I like Payton Manning.  However, as a father of a son with hearing aids, this story makes me think about cheering for the Seahawks.

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