Monday, January 27, 2014

More on economic impact of Super Bowl

1. From Catherine Rampell

“It’s going to be a huge economic boon,” Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, the New York Democrat, declared in a celebratory Times Square news conference earlier this month. Super Bowl revelers will generate $550 million to $600 million for the local economy, according to a variety of sources, including Ms. Maloney’s office and N.F.L. officials. 
Those numbers sound big, round and fairly specific. There’s a problem, though: Where do they actually come from? 
Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to come up with a clear answer. Everyone who cites that estimate credits someone else for producing it.
2.  From the AP

"Move the decimal point one place to the left," said Robert Baade, a professor at Lake Forest College in Illinois, who has studied the Super Bowl's impact on local economies. "The NFL says $500 or $600 million? I think $50 to $60 million would be a generous appraisal of what the Super Bowl generates."

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