Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why the Pope is wrong and other Assorted Links

1.  Jayson Lusk talks about the questions he heard on a chat with a radio station.  

It's a bit depressing.

2.  Seattle-Tacoma airport passes a bill attempting to help the poor that will hurt the poor.  

Minimum wage to $15/hour.  Does anybody really think these firms are going to hire people who can't otherwise get a job for $10/hour?  Unfortunately, it appears that a majority of voters in that area are that unintelligent.

3. More people are renouncing their US citizenship.

4. The Duke accuser got convicted of murder.  Nobody reports it.

Every faculty member at Duke who spoke against the Lacrosse players should be fired.  If I was provost, dean, etc., I would do it, and I wouldn't care if they had tenure.

5.  Why the Pope is wrong about capitalism.

Actually, he might. Because, as compelling and as charismatic as he is, if we, in The City of Man, took the Pope’s advice on economic issues, we’d end up with millions more living in poverty.
Quite frankly, this Pope is an idiot.  He's also dangerous, for reasons the quote above indicates.  Nothing has done more to bring people out of poverty than the free market.

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