Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Journal retracts study about genetically modified foods

From LA Times

In a statement released from its Cambridge, Mass., offices on Thursday, publisher Elsevier said that upon closer review of the paper, editors determined that the experimental sample was too small to allow for clear conclusions.
Also, the type of rat involved in the experiment is known for high incidence of tumors, it said. ... "However, there is legitimate cause for concern regarding both the number of animals in each study group and the particular strain selected."
... It was quickly embraced by opponents of genetically altered foods and stoked debate over California's failed Proposition 37, which sought to require labeling for genetically modified foods.

Kudos to the journal for retracting, but this was a huge mistake as it allowed a number of people to be misled.  This mistake by Elsevier made the world a worse place.  

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