Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Assorted Links

1.  California makes it tougher to apply rent control.  That's good news.  California is so backwards about business regulations that I was pleasantly surprised to see this story.   As Sowell says, just because you call the law "rent control", it doesn't mean it does anything to control rent prices.

2. EPA drops claims about Wyoming water being damaged by fracking.  

3.  More evidence that objective research on fracking is needed: AP story on foes of fracking.
But for all its political clout and financial prowess, the industry hasn't been able to get its foot in the door.One reason: Folks like Sue Rapp and Vera Scroggins are standing in the way.
This story discusses these two people, both spend their time opposing fracking.  Are they scientists?  No. Are they researchers?  No.  One is a family counselor.  One is a "retiree and grandmother".  The fact that these two non-specialists have such influence on this issue is sad and pathetic, but not uncommon.  

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