Friday, July 5, 2013

Assorted Links

1.  Paul Krugman is a bitter little man.  Mankiw doesn't respond in much detail, but does respond.

2.  Despite the fact that yesterday was July 4th, it was a terrible week for freedom in Pennsylvania. 

3.  Vivek Wadhwa discusses whether Bill Gates or Steve Jobs was correct on education.

4.  On a more personal ... On Wednesday our family went to the drive in to see Monsters University.  (See my post about Monster's U here.)

Here's a picture of the place, albeit but an old one.

The drive in is a dying industry, but you wouldn't know it from this place.  It was packed and the movie was great.  With kids, a drive in is a a great way to watch a movie, and I'm a bit puzzled to know why this industry has had so many struggles.

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