Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Occupy SU People Don't Like Me

I didn't know I was important enough to be vilified by the Occupiers.  

Some responses to their post on facebook:  

From a former student of mine (who actually disagrees with quite a few of my political views):

Dr. Rousu's analysis of the situation is spot on. Perhaps actually taking an economics course may shed some light on the situation for you....

The two articles aren't really contradicting each other. Herzenberger comments on the possible social externalities, whereas Rousu writes about the insanely obvious economic benefits. In regards to Herzenberger's article, it's not the government's responsibility to regulate individual alcohol intake.

From a former faculty colleague/boss:

Matt - who I hired when he came to SU - is spot on. Yes, privatizing liquor sales will eliminate some state jobs. But if jobs alone were the criterion, we'd use hoes rather than tractors, since so many people would have jobs hoeing to replace the tractor driver. We'd have no self-service gas stations (ala NJ and Oregon) because thousands of folks would then have jobs pumping gas. Etc. Yes, market economies take time to sort out supply and demand issues such as the labor force and what job skills are needed. But please don't blame a natural tendency toward efficiency with heartless job destruction!

People far more important than me have had to deal with the occupiers, however, so I guess I should be honored that they think I'm worth attacking.  

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