Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun Links

Here are a few links to stories I found especially noteworthy over the past several days:

1. Here is one writer's list of the most embarrassing moments in Democratic party history.  In my opinion,  FDR's horrendous economic policies should be near the top.  Republicans certainly have their warts as well, but I like this list as it gives ammunition for when a Democrat starts talking about how Republicans are "always are screwed up and backward thinking".

2. Liquor legislation - now announced in PA house

3. I am paying a lot of attention to the case of Bowman vs. Monsanto.  It seems obvious to me (and apparently, the Supreme Court as well) that Bowman violated the law.  This relates to the property rights for a seed.  Here are a couple articles about this lawsuit.
3a. From Freakonomics.  
3b. From Jayson Lusk.

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