Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is this from the onion?

Since I'm still in the UK for two more days, here's another UK based post ...

The BBC posts a story from a Cardinal commenting on a tax plan.

Link here.

Did this person have advanced economics training?  No, he just thinks his seminary training gives him the intelligence to discuss economic policy.  One quote from him on those affected:  "People who are considering giving up their retirement homes".  Really?  Not having a 2nd home is the burden society bears?

Unfortunately, this person's statements echo what many think.  It's sad, really. Many people today think they're poor or struggling, as they talk on their smart phones with $100/month plans, watch their cable TV, surf with high-speed Internet, and drive a newer car.  Today's median consumer is much better off than the median consumer of 30 years ago - they don't feel that way, however, because of the "keeping up with the Jones" effect.  

The financial transactions tax will move business away from London.  As an American, I should actually hope it takes place, as it probably means thousands of jobs for the US.  I don't like seeing dumb policies implemented, however.

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