Sunday, April 15, 2012

In news we already knew ...

Robert Reich is a complete and total bozo.  Link here

On the one-year anniversary (April 15th, 2011 is "black Friday" in the poker world) of the day my freedom was lessened because of the actions of simpletons with similar thoughts, it's worth commenting on this.

Reich says: "In whatever form it comes, gambling is a scam."

This statement is so simplistic and simple-minded I am surprised even he would say it.  Reich, former democrat cabinet official, has been a clown for years, but this is a new low.  I know many, many people who enjoy wagering a few dollars, either with friends on a weekend, over the Internet, or in casinos.  I also know people who are on the industry side of things and every one of them is honest and hardworking.  In fact, if one could measure a "moral compass" of my friends who make their living with gambling or in the gambling industry and measure it against almost any group - these professional gamblers would score higher.

"Within the year, high-stakes poker will be available on every work desk and mobile phone in the nation."

This is personal to me, as I am angry that he wants to prevent me from playing Internet poker.  That was my main hobby.  I don't know what his hobby is, whether it's gardening, hunting, or just making a jackass of himself in these articles, but I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate if that hobby was taken from him.

Further, anybody who's an economist should know about the problems of prohibitions and the law of unintended consequences when you mess with the market.  It gets ugly.

Because of people like Reich, when the star spangled banner is played, I can't sing the "land of the free" part.  Why?  It's because of the Reich's in the world, who think they should make my choices for me and have taken away my freedom.  It's a sad day when this type of thought seems standard in our country.

/* Rant over

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