Monday, December 7, 2015

Economic Lessons for Children from the Hunger Games

My newest paper has been published at, the Library of Economics and Liberty.  It is titled Economic Lessons for Children from the Hunger Games.  I'm quite excited to have a paper there, as I read it daily and really respect the writers on that website.  Further, Susquehanna University was fortunate enough to have David Henderson visit our campus last January.

As far as the article, here is the link.

An excerpt:
While I've found these books and movies entertaining, the value of this enterprise isn't limited to entertainment. The Hunger Games might contain the best depiction of communism and its cousin—socialism—ever provided in a best-selling novel. Given the national popularity of self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and others who want increased government control over our lives, the lessons from these books are quite timely and desperately needed. The political and economic lessons fromThe Hunger Games are so relevant that our children, and pretty much everyone else, would do well to read them.

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