Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is "lame" the right word to describe the minimum wage?

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Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker called the minimum wage "lame".  But is that the right word?  It's a good start to attack terrible policies like the minimum wage - but simply calling it "lame" makes it seem like it causes no harm.

A better term is needed.  That said, what is the right word for a policy that:

* Keeps teens from gaining important life skills that would have helped them not only earn money now, but gain valuable work experience which will help them get better jobs later?

* Causes firms to switch from hiring people to hiring machines?

* Prompts people who would have worked for $5/hour but can't get a job at $7.25/hour or higher to seek other options for income?  Some will choose to work in illegal markets (selling drugs, etc.).

* And has other bad consequences?

No, lame is not the right word for the minimum wage.  But it's better than what most politicians are saying.

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