Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What did you learn at your minimum wage job?

This article from The Federalist looks at how some highly-successful people answer that question.

I like this article as it serves as a good reminder that a minimum wage job can provide many skills that help later in life.  For me, I learned to show up on time, provide good customer service, listen to my boss, and more.

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  1. Mr Rousu A part time cashier with 6 months experience has 98% to 99% the proficiency of a part time cashier with 3 years experience. So theirs little value in hiring anyone with more that 6 months experience because their performance is likely to be almost identical The leaning curve for a cashier is at most 5 maybe 6 months

    IF I was a human resource Hiring Manager and were hiring someone with a technical degree in CAD computer aided Design I would be much more concerned about a student with a straight B or straight A average this would be a better measurement of how well they would be to perform on the job than if they worked at KFC in high school Students getting straight B's or A's studying and mastering complex and challenging course material would be the equivalent of having a regular job anyway one may have to study hours everyday to master this program. If I were a hiring manger I would have little concern if a X student applying for a CAD position worked as a cashier at wallgreens or at KFC in high school or anywhere else for that matter a students course study and performance would be a far better indication of their likelihood to perform well on the job. Theirs not a whole lot to cashiering you know. One other thing Mr Rousu students that go to school but do not have a job tend to do better in school than students with a job.