Sunday, October 26, 2014

$125K teachers salaries: More evidence that a school voucher program could work?

Link to Vox article describing a unique approach taken by a school

The $125,000 number was eye-catching, but it was just the start of the school's approach to teaching. Teachers were also eligible for a bonus of between 7 to 12 percent of their salary. The teachers, who are not unionized, went through a rigorous selection process that included a daylong "audition" based on their teaching skills. The typical teacher already had six years of classroom experience before they were hired.

Many teachers I know oppose the idea of vouchers.  They shouldn't.  Well, the good ones shouldn't.  If schools are free to compete (especially if you get rid of unions), you wouldn't necessarily expect lower overall teacher salaries.  You would expect better teachers to be compensated well, and poorer teachers to be compensated poorly (or fired).

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