Sunday, March 23, 2014

My newest publication ...

One of my most recent published papers is titled Estimating Demand for Alternatives to Cigarettes with Online Purchase Tasks.  It was published in the American Journal of Health Behavior.

Here's the abstract:


To explore how advertising affects demand for cigarettes and potential substitutes, including snus, dissolvable tobacco, and medicinal nicotine.


A Web-based experiment randomized 1062 smokers to see advertisements for alternative nicotine products or soft drinks, then complete a series of purchase tasks, which were used to estimate demand elasticity, peak consumption, and cross-price elasticity (CPE) for tobacco products.


Lower demand elasticity and greater peak consumption were seen for cigarettes compared to all alternative products (p < .05). CPE did not differ across the alternative products (p ≤ .03). Seeing relevant advertisements was not significantly related to demand.


These findings suggest significantly lower demand for alternative nicotine sources among smokers than previously revealed.

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