Friday, September 21, 2012

Great article on NYC soda ban by Jayson Lusk

A collaborator of mine, Jayson Lusk, has a great article in the Huffington Post on the NYC soda ban.  Link here.

He writes:

"Want the freedom to marry your gay lover? New York City will happily oblige, even granting your partner pension rights if you work for the city. A down-on-her-luck teenager wants an abortion without parental consent? No problem. It's legal in New York. And, guess which city's officials are working to give its citizen the freedom to legally possess marijuana?
Yet, there is one act too dangerous, with consequences too heinous, to allow citizens their own choice. Buying a large soda. Oh, the horror!"

He also recently started blogging.  And he has a book coming out soon called "Food Police".  (He stays busy.) The book is outstanding, and I'll post a full review on this blog soon.

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  1. This soda ban is just so silly. Does MR bllommberg have more important things to be concerned about as mayer of new york city